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MH6 Screw Compressors Deliver Reliability to Schmidt Group’s Truck Fleet

Responding to the stricter on-road diesel-emissions standards and weight requirements of the Euro 6 regulation, as well as the safety and comfort needs of its drivers, The Schmidt Group has outfitted its dry-bulk truck fleet with MH6 Series Screw Compressors from Mouvex and Hydrocar. In addition to the upwards of 70% weight reduction offered by the MH6, other operational benefits include the absence of free-turning drive parts and quieter operation.



Download our Case Study: SCHMIDT GROUP – A Successful Weight-Loss Solution

MH6 Case Story on Plastic Application

View this photo overview of the MH6 in Plastics Application.

Cementing a New Relationship

Making the critical business decision to enter a new market often requires a distinct leap of faith since no one can reliably predict if a venture, no matter how well thought out, will ultimately succeed or fail until it is actually presented to the market. That leap is less precipitous, however, if the business has a history in the market to reflect back upon, as well as a number of key market-based relationships already in place.


That was the case in 2010 for De Dijcker NV, Vlierzele, Belgium. Founded in 1923 as a provider of transport services that initially featured horse-and-wagon deliveries, De Dijcker NV, after purchasing its first truck in 1927, has grown into a European powerhouse in construction, concrete, recycling, and waste-transport operations with major operations in the Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, and Great Britain and five divisions:



MH6 Screw Compressor Helps Anneberg Enter New Market


Auxerre, France & Modena, Italy – May 2, 2011 When a company enters the transport business after creating a vehicle that features a changeable body so that it can be used for the transportation of, believe it or not, both pigs and people, you just know that company will develop a well-earned reputation for innovation. That’s definitely been the case for Anneberg Transport A/S, which is headquartered in Spjald, Denmark.


To meet the needs of these diverse markets, Anneberg has created an entire fleet of specially designed vehicles that match the transport equipment to the goods to be carried—not the other way around. This approach results in logistical solutions that are tailored specifically for the transport and delivery needs of the market and the customer, resulting in improved efficiency and a reduction in empty mileage costs.