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Mouvex/Hydrocar Partnership

Mouvex® and Hydrocar Unveil The First All-In-One Screw Compressor/PTO Unit for Trucks


Auxerre, France & Modena, Italy — The European Union introduced stricter limits on pollutant emissions from light passenger and commercial vehicles in June 2007 (introduction due in 2012). Known as Euro 6, the legislation covers passenger vehicles, vans and commercial vehicles intended for the transport of passengers, goods, or specific other usages. Euro 6 regulates the tailpipe, evaporative and crankcase emissions of carbon monoxide, non-methane hydrocarbons, total hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and particulates.


These rules and restrictions will affect truck configurations, reducing the available space for a screw compressor’s installation in the new chassis (2012). Therefore, the transport experts at Mouvex®, Auxerre, France, and Hydrocar a brand of Interpump Hydraulics S.p.A (IPH), Modena, Italy, agreed to enter a partnership for the development and production of a joint solution. The result, after more than two years of development, is the “MH6”; the world’s first all-in-one screw compressor/power takeoff (PTO) unit. The new MH6 is compatible with trucks’ gearboxes via a unique direct mounting, and is ideal for dry-bulk transport applications such as cement, fly ash, building material, lime, flour, etc.


Mouvex screw compressors set the standard in their market due to their non-contacting internal parts, oil-free operation, compact size, high flow rates and wide speed range. Meanwhile, Hydrocar has been providing the industry’s most respected PTOs for a variety of hydraulic systems for more than 30 years in industrial vehicles and more. Some of the most respected truck manufacturers in the world— including Renault, Volvo, Scania, Hyundai/Kia and others turn to Hydrocar for their PTOs. The benefits to the end-user of the MH6 are faster loading and off-loading times, slower engine speeds, reduced maintenance, improved safety due to the lack of exposed rotating shafts. Furthermore, the presence of an integrated torque limiter in the system provides an additional safeguard to protect the truck drive-train.

Both companies also strongly believe that the MH6 will be just the first of a much wider range of integrated compressor/PTO units that will be developed in the coming years.

In the coming months, the MH family will be enriched by new models for the 600 m3   (for dry-bulk applications) and for 200 m3   ( for liquid applications).