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Who is Hydrocar?

Hydrocar was founded in Modena in the late 1970s with a very precise purpose: offer new power take-off mechanisms and devices to a variety of hydraulic systems for industrial vehicles.

The hundreds of models created over the years and the main configurations applied to our components allow us to state that we have fulfilled our objective.

The ever-increasing number of trucks around the world equipped with Hydrocar PTOs and pumps is our reward for many years of hard work and commitment.

Hydrocar's headquarters are in Nonantola, just outside Modena (Italy). The modern site has a floor space of over 86,000 square feet. Throughout the site you can find state-of-the-art equipment to manage logistics, design and manufacturing.

Continuous professional and qualitative improvement allows Hydrocar to establish itself on the world scene as an example of modern manufacturing leaders. Most recently, Hydrocar has become the primary supplier of several important OEMs, including:


Eaton (*)
Renault Truck
Volvo Truck


 (*) Through Eaton, Hydrocar PTOs are used as original components by many other Industrial Vehicle Manufacturers.